This awe inspiring statue and memorial stands guard over the logging show arena paying tribute to fallen loggers. The name plaques surrounding the memorial are an emotional reminder of the sacrifices loggers and their families have made over the years.

This magnificent memorial was added in 2012 and the dedication left most people speechless and teary eyed.

These are the words that Bob Larsen spoke at the beginning of our show.

“If I could direct your attention to the new logger’s memorial at the far end of the arena. Those seven long whistles you just heard are the whistles or the signal that we as loggers never want to hear. They mean that a man is down and medical help is needed. You will also notice that the Deming Log Show flag is being raised to half staff. That flag will remain there for this weekend. These two things are done this weekend as our way of dedicating this new logger’s memorial. From this year forward these will only be done if Whatcom County suffers a logging fatality. Let us hope we never hear those whistles on these grounds again. The physical beauty and stature of that memorial is incredible, but believe me when I say that for us in the logging industry, and for us here at the Deming Log Show, the emotional side is far more immense.

For the past few weeks as the construction has progressed a lady from our community has come by to see how it was looking. This past Saturday just as we finished putting the names of the fallen loggers on the board she happened to stop by again. She walked to the board with the names of those men that have been fatally injured in a logging accident since this show began. With tears falling down her cheeks and outstretched fingers she slowly reached out and touched each of those names. She knows all too well the harsh reality of the danger in our industry. Her son’s name is among those on that board. Each of us that have worked very long in the logging business knows each morning when we walk out the door of our homes and leave our family that we may not come back through that door again. Loggers are a rough and tumble group and personalities don’t always mesh, but when one of our own is in need you will not find any group that will come together stronger than this logging community. Our accomplishments here since 1963 have proven that. As we celebrate our 50th show this weekend I know that we still exist because of our purpose. Even the best log shows come and go but the heart & compassion of this community will never waiver. This Deming Log Show will last for many years to come. This loggers memorial is a visual reminder of what we stand for. Thank you. “  Bob Larsen, 2012

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